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Run and Hide Songtext

Run and Hide

Fuck it seems my reign of terror might be over now
How the fuck they find out who I was shit how
I never left no trace of fuckin evidence
No blood semen or hair not even fingerprints
Choppers up above flyin in the rainy sky
A corpse at my feet but I gotta run and hide
I'm runnin through the woods pourin ran fuckin stalls me
Spotlights and searchdogs they all lookin for me
I'm gettin tired and I hear em not too far behind
I see a house so I better fuckin get inside
Kick in the door slam the shit and then I lock it
Pull out the knife that I keep inside my pocket
An elderly couple is there trembling in fear
I need a couple hostages get over here
I gotta do somethin man I cant keep runnin
I tie the old wrinkled bitch up to her husband

Nowhere to run no where to hide(8x)

Here come the feds they surroundin the place
I rip off the mask now exposing my face
Get the fuck up we're gonna walk to the door
I pick the old ass couple off of the floor
Knife to her neck I had to let the cops see
I'll kill two more people if you dont let me free
I slam the door shut took a seat on the couch
I hear the swat team sneakin outside of the house
Then the phone rings I pick it up like what?
The old people cryin like as if I give a fuck
An FBI agent wants to talk about negotiation
Fuck off I'm avoidin incarciration
I'm sick of waitin im killin these fucks
I slice the womans neck stab the mans lungs
Back to the door push em both on the porch
If I gotta go out fuck I aint gettin caught


Maybe I'll kill my fuckin self man thats who I'll go
Oh shit what the fuck just came through the window
Shit its gettin smokey its burnin my eyes
I cant take the pain but I aint goin outside
I hear the door bust down oh no here come the feds
With gas masks strapped to the back of their heads
The tackle me down but I cant see shit
I just feel my ribs gettin kicked ahh
Cuffed and dragged out thrown in the van
I guess I should have had a better plan or maybe ran
This is the end no more lives to take
No more actin out on my aggresion and hate
I never really thought that this day would come
What the fuck is wrong with me why was I so dumb
Now I'm all done and theres no way out
I better just shut my fuckin mouth

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Q Strange - Run and Hide
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