Buy My Friggin' Album Lyrics


Q Strange - Buy My Friggin' Album Songtext

Verse 1

Buy my CD or I'll break your fuckin head
I got 15 hundred copies in boxes under my bed
Heard what I said, buy it, shit atleast try it
This shit is dope as fuck don't make me pull your ears with pliers
Aint no one buyin my album it should've been platinum
Atleast god, He buy my shit or Im gonna crack'em
My idea street promotion is drivin through places
And peggin promo tapes at peoples faces sayin "buy it you homo"
A promo, what? you want free shit
You better pay up, I'll even take foodstamps kid
If you ain't got a job, man it's cool you can rob
Still from your old man, cuz he's a fat drunken slob
And ya mom, shes blown in lonliville for 20
So just tell that smelly hoe you need some money buddy
I go to the stores that are selling LP's
Tell'em move some fuckin units or I'll break your friggin knees
Emcee's don't even wanna battle me now
I put my lyrics from behind because I started knockin bitches out
Interupt rock sets from alternative bands
I snatch the mic and start beatin till it's hurtin my hands
Then I kick my wicked flows until the cops are called
I threw a bar stool then I started a brawful brawl
As I run out the door, just before I jet
Don't forget to buy my album on CD or casette


Im a dope emcee but a shitty self promoter
I'll sign a contract for a hogie and soda
I'ma use force like as if my name was Yoda
Buy my shit quick man just do what I told ya
Can't work for a living gotta eat off this
Plus I gotta crib, and a wife, and a kid
I'ma shove in your face till you purchase it
Just buy my friggin album bitch!

Verse 2

Don't be a cheap fuck it's just 11.99
And it's worth it, I aint sayin that because it's mine
If it's wack, don't even think you'll get your money back
You and your boys can make fun of it, yo I like it when you crack
Take a bat, and use the thing for batting practice man smash it
I dont give a fuck man fuckin bash it you can have it
I really don't care man just purchase the shit
I really don't feel like havin to hurt you bitch
But I will, so find a way to cop my shit quick
Before I find you first, and beatcha fat ass wit a stick
Go on Carson Daily's show and request my video
"You ain't got one" I know, just fuckin do it yo
The radio don't play me and I got no distribution
Ima walk in on landspeed and just start shootin
I can't sell cds even in my own city
Ima change my name to Qstiggy and start actin jiggy
I got promo posters as wall paper in my crib
And I wonder why no one's ever heard of my shit
If I went out and promoted I could probably sell a record
But instead I'll just sit and scratch myself, hey yo check it

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