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Hi this is Heather, leave a message, and I'll get back to you. Thank you.*

Hey, uh, baby, this is me
Um, it's 11:35, you said you were gonna call me at 11:30
Uh, what the fuck?
Um, I don't know where you are, uh,
You should have been home, you should have at least called me by now
I've got my phone, call me on my phone, call me now
I don't know where you are, but when you get this message,
You better fuckin' pick up the phone and call me now. Call me now!

How many times must I say you're mine?
How many times must I say you're mine?
When will you ever get it through your mind?
That you're mine ? you're only mine

It's hard to believe I even had a life without you
I doubt you even know how much I care about you
I live for you, cry for you, kill for you, die for you
Anything you want, just say the word, and girl I'll buy it for you
I don't wanna share you, all you need is me
So tell your friends to fuck off, and same for your family
I'm your family now, and you don't need nobody else
The way I feel for you is better than I've ever felt
I went to your cell phone, erased all your numbers
Girl friends, guy friends, hell, even your mother
I lived in a world that was so lonely and cold
Until you stepped into my life and you shared your soul
And I ain't givin' that up, whether you like it or not
We fightin' a lot, but I don't mean to frighten your mom
I know I get a little violent, but I never want to hurt you
Or desert you, have no idea what you're worth boo
Someone messes with you, show ?em to me girl, I'll fuck ?em up
I don't give a fuck, even if I get locked up
You mean the world to me, my everything, and I don't fucking get it
This here is forever, you ain't jettin' bitch, forget it
You wanna go out? Fine! You're goin' out with me
You need a little space? Go sit by the T.V.
I'm a manic depressive, an obsessive
I call it love, you say possessive
But I love you girl, and don't ever forget this


You're a beautiful girl, and some guys like to stare
?Til I hit ?em with a chair and threw ?em down a flight of stairs
And don't get upset, I live my life in a jealous rage
If I had it my way, you'd be locked in a cage
And sometimes, you get mad, and you call me a psycho
But you ain't so tough when I pull out my knife though
You tremble and cry, and it hurts to see you like that
But you belong to me and that's it, don't try to fight back
I ain't dumb, I let you go out, it's all done
Until I walk up in the club with a double barrel gun
Start to shoot, from the bar to the freakin' dj booth
All you see is blood splatters and people screaming as I shoot
You don't want me to do that, it would be all your fault
Just like that time I got arrested for that felony assault
Remember that kid you said you knew from junior high?
Thought he had the right to walk by, wave, and say hi?
So I grabbed him by his throat and punched his face 'til it was bloody
Screamin' who was he? Did you suck his dick you hussy?
What I'm trying to say is that you're my property
Do as I say, and I'ma treat you properly
And probably one day, you'll leave me for another man
But girl, if I can't have you, nobody can
Girl, if I can't have you, nobody can
Girl, if I can't have you, NOBODY CAN!
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