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Once upon a time
I made a lion roar
He was sleeping in the sunbeams on the old zoo floor
I had gone to see the park where my papa used to play
It's called Villa Borghese and it's on the way
To East Africa

Down on Grand Comoro Island, where I grew past four
I could swim and fisch and snorkel on the ocean floor
And the wind laughed, and the wind laughed through the trees as if to say,
Here's a child who'll want the world to go his way
In East Africa, in East Africa

Suddenly for me the world turned upside down
Far from my friends the lions and the dolphins came this awful sound

Dark shadows, souns of thunder raging over me
Came this monster called "A-dre-no-leu-ko-dys-tro-phy"
Where's my East Africa?

Well they said, they said, they said (the ones who know it all)
They said from now on for you there will be no more standing tall
So I took my parents' hands, I lifted my head to say
I'll just have to be a hero - there's no other way!

Back to East Africa [3x]

Come with me I'm going back to East Africa
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