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Outkast - She's Alive Songtext

A Boy to raise at a young age
No help from him but she's alive
To be made strong but all alone
Must be a paoin but she's alive

(Vers 1):
The year was 1975 that night the crickets cried
'Cause they knew what was going down
Three girls travel a long country road
And one says she thinks it's time, this baby wants to come right now

(Vers 2):
(Miss B):
I was scufflin',goin'to school, I was scufflin' workin' at night
And you know what? I truly believe, and that's why I tell a lot of parents, single parents
Don't tell me what God can't do! I always made sure that you had...I never felt that you should be deprived of anything, if a man didn't want to take care of his child,you move on...And that's what I did...I moved on

(Hook) (2x)

(Vers 3):
He always wanted to be a father,but he never took care of you,he didn't have no money, he didn't have nothin'!
How can you care about somebody,and you never handled the welfare of them?
A boy to raise at her young age
No help from him but she's alive

(Miss B):
And I knew I had to go that road by myself
She's alive!
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