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Outkast - Behold a Lady Songtext

Behold a lady
I see you standin'on the wall
Clap, clap... you deserve it all

(Ad lips):
Candy-coated unicorns are so hard to find
The classic lady, a rare breed indeed
Is that make and model discontinued?

(Vers 1):
Today I might snow, tomorrow I'll rain
3000 keeps on changing, but you stay the same
And I need that, hey I need that(in my life)
When I feel washed up and inadequate
And throw all my songs away,no matter how mad I get
You make me smile (Hoooooo!)
You're the anchor that holds me down
When my ship is sinking you won't let me drown
And I'm grateful

(Vers 2):
Yo'Mama's old fashioned, yo'Daddy don't play
You'll always be this lovely,'cause they raised you that way. Hallelujah!
Thank ya Jesus!Thank ya Lord! Thank ya Jesus!Thank ya Lord!
You're not extra, you're so plain Jane
The yin to my yang, darlin'you've got that thang and you know it
But yet you don't and that's what's so cool
You don't say too much, but when you do it's profound in the street
You hold your head high,at home you get low down for me (Can't get no lower, can't get no lower,can't get no lower, yeah!)

(Ad lips):
Sad, but one day our kids will have to visit museums to see what a lady looks like
So if you find one,good sir, hold her tight
If you spot one, treat her right
This is Benjamin Amore singing off
Good luck and good night
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