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Unify Songtext


Together as one !

This has to be our way
The only chance for us
And our scene
To change
The things we care about
But it's a fact
A fact
That we are splitting
Into a lot of different groups
Fighting each other
Some have no respect
For people living for their own rules
That's why i'm screaming

I'm screaming for unity
There're simple things that we can change
Unify ? our missiion is not to divide a scene
Unify ? the basic idea is lost
Tolerance is treated as though
It does not exist...
Just stand together

I think it's really ridiculous
If some people
Who seem to be in our scene
Try to discriminate against
Against me
Against men who are living
For the same goals as they do
Just ebcause
They've chosen another way
How can we again
The respect we're fighting for
As stupid idiots

Or as a big and strong family ?
The basic idea is gone
Is tolerance just an illusion ?
Can we find a way to compromise...

Back to back or
Face to face
Difference a side
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No Lesson Learned - Unify
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