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In our society, something's goin' wrong
So many people feel so fuckin' strong
Success and money ? the only values in life
But that is not everything
Humanity rests just a foreign word
Everyone knows it, but application is hurt
It's not enough if you can cope with your life
We need everyone's help

I deny
Their claim that our
Generation is lost
We have learned from our past and we try
To create
A better world
Not only for a few

We have to open our hearts for the people
Who are crying for help and family
Ignorance will only put them down
Stop selfishness
We live to give an example
For others ? they may follow us
Some will say that we are hypocrites
Man, they are so blind

1998 ? just another climx for our ruthlessly competetive
Who cares about the victims?
I think they are not enough
It's not our fault
But we are the ones who can change
It is a fight for our future

And we have to start it right now!

We know that it is so hard to walk on
This positive way of hope, respect and help
But what can you expect when you give nothing?
So let your mind stay strong and just try!

We try!
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