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Ego trip Songtext

Ego trip

Thinking back I recognize
I've been so blind
Never seen the small signs
That now force our split
Our discussions, my feelings
Everythings blown away
Nothing remains
You take yourself away
I wanna know why
But you're not able to tell me
The truth right in my face
I asked you but you lied

I just know that you used me for a game
You don't want to play anymore
Do you know how much it hurts
When you realize
That you've been used by a friend?
For me it's not a game
You've been a friend to me
Yes, you've been a friend to me!

The relationship we had
What do you think of it, my friend?

It semms to be worthless
If you don't want to spend time
If you can easily
Throw it away by phone
Because you can't deal with people
Who aren't a copy of yourself
Just a accetping your own opinion
No compromise!

Acting without thinking of others
I hope you can be true to yourself

To us, it's not just music? Too
Yes, to us it's also so much more
When put our heads together and prove we are one
That should never dull!
Günther Jauch: Es geht ihm gut!
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Günther Jauch: Es geht ihm gut!
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Georgina Fleur: Extrapfunde dank Dubai
No Lesson Learned - Ego trip
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