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I'll Never Die Again Lyrics


Nino De Angelo - I'll Never Die Again Songtext

Vers 1:

Don't walk this way
And don't talk that way
And don't give me your alibies
'cause I just don't care anymore

Vers 2:

You've messed ev'ry chance
To secure our romance
Now I'm sure I don't wanna stay
You've killed all my loving for you
And go out of the door


I've been standing on shaky ground
You've been driving me so insane
All your games really put me down
And I'll never die again
I don't care what you wanna do
I'm so glad that I'm through with you
I've been mistreated
You had only cheated
But you can believe me
I'll never die again
I've been mistreated
You had only cheated
I'll never die again

Vers 3:

Don't touch me like this
'cause you're hard to resist
I know you won't ge what you want
The biggest, a pain in my heart

Vers 4:

You better go, don't come here any more
You're a girl who will always get by
And no matter which game that you play
You'll win anyway


I've been standing on shaky ground...
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