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Enemy of the Sun Songtext

Enemy of the Sun
Torn of this land's disgrace
Too hungry to contain a future
The sun bathes my wounds with a veil of rage
It's rays dyed with the blood of our disrespect

Suffering for the wisdom long forgotten
The sound of bloodletting echoes on the wind
The suicide of drought for a faith destroyed
We starve with pride and glass in our throats

Harvest their return
Those who drive away the sun

The masks lay fallen, shattered in the dust
Tearing our flesh amongst wolves
See how they run as we laugh
In lunar horizons there is understanding

Harvest their return
Carry my soul to the sun.
Naddel: Ich wollte eine Familie
Vor 22 Stunden
Naddel: Ich wollte eine Familie
Anja Kling: Beerdigungen schließen Humor nicht aus
Vor 28 Minuten
Anja Kling: Beerdigungen schließen Humor nicht aus

Album Verdun 1916 (2009)

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Neurosis - Enemy of the Sun
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