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Igne Nature Renovabitur Integra Songtext

...and I was unwoken like in long dream
...and I've heard the voice flowing from heaven:
"I'm Alpha and Omega. I'm the First and Last"
...so we had left our graves
...and we had seen the son of man
In his right hand, he kept seven stars
In his mouth, he kept teo-edged sword
...and heavens gates were opened
Possessor of seven horns and seven eyes
Had broken the seven seals of the roll
Four riders moved on for the bloody harvest
...and the earths foundations shocked
...and the sun became black and moon bloodred
...and the stars had fallen and the mountains moved
...and put the seal against the fronts of their servants
Seven angels blew the seven trumpets
...and for demons from river Eufrat were set free
...and prince of deepest darkness Abaddon
Moved forward in the front of his armoured locust
To force faithless beings to pay honour
But he beast saved them and it fought opposers
...and give you its magic sign
...and it was salvage
...and I accepted its miraculous protection
666 was the sign of escape from sufferings
But the opposer called seven angels
...and they flowed down seven bowls of his wrath
...And the Earth caught fire and water changed into blood
...and he disiputed the whole tribe of his murderers
This is he who created Belial to reverse
The attention of his lies
That is he who gained strength from millions of sufferers
But the sky rained with blood
...and the whole present was in flames
...and the false creator cought fire, too
The one and only went but nothingness
...and destroyed falsity created by Jahwe
The flames won't to revive the whole nature...
The whole nature will revive in the flames...
Igne Natura Renovabitur Integra...
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Neolith - Igne Nature Renovabitur Integra
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