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Some Assembly Required Songtext

Holy god man
Well won't you lend me insight
To your counterfeited tyranny
Mouth full of Christian view
Thou' hath to be blind
Ends so plain to me
Out of body and beside myself
Sold out ministry
Holy god man
How's wealth and the brood
Mislaid mind I'm in
From deceit that you induce
Descend to knees of lust
His holiness been brought
Imperils rise distinguished lies
God fall
All rise
Behold the heaven sent an angel to deprive
Your law
All lies
God fall
Baptized in dust is your soul
Holy god man
I'm losing patience with you
Your sacreligious spellsin mind
Confusion walks in front of you
Your miracles have deceased
Unpretentious family's plead
Please heal our boy
Save our boy
All the false things your preach
Are all the fuckin things you've taken from me

What goes around comes back to you (7x)
Boris Becker schuldet sogar Freunden Geld
Vor 5 Stunden
Boris Becker schuldet sogar Freunden Geld
Iggy Azalea: Sie feiert ihr Comeback
Vor 46 Minuten
Iggy Azalea: Sie feiert ihr Comeback

Album The Beginning of All Things to End (2001)

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Mudvayne - Some Assembly Required
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