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My Mind Is My Master Songtext

No matter what they say
I'll always be a slave
My mind is my master
Don't take away my pride
My dreams will be my guide
For now and ever after

I can't take this pain
Rushing through my bones
No I'm not insane
Tic tac toe
You only took the good
Now I'm stuck with the bad
You've got me hooked
And now I'm sad

Watching the lights will make me feel better
I'm waiting, waiting for all this to stop
Changing my mind, changing my spirit
I'm waiting 'til I can't get enough

I listen to you
And you sit there and lie
The only way out for you
Is to die
I have no fear
For you anymore
You've had your chance
Just walk out the door
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Leatherstrip - My Mind Is My Master
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