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Crash Flight 232 Songtext

Flight 232 heading for destruction
Unaware of their destiny
They didn't get the instruction
Counting the dead
Scattered in the cornfield
They ended up as figures
On the endless list of casualties

DC-10 blown out of control
One minor fault will top the headlines
Some heads will roll
State of shock
State of emergency
Looking with the eyes
That can not see

You won't get out of this alive

Passengers cut into pieces
Their body parts are scattered around
They've gone to meet their Jesus
Burning meat
Burnt by gasoline
Looking to the sky
This broke their dream

You're gonna crash!
Gil Ofarim: Ich lüge nicht
Vor 1 Tag
Gil Ofarim: Ich lüge nicht
Bill Kaulitz: Angst auf der Straße!
Vor 5 Stunden
Bill Kaulitz: Angst auf der Straße!

Album Solitary Confinement (1992)

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Leatherstrip - Crash Flight 232
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