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Problem melden

Adrenaline Rush Songtext

Drowning in shit
From the evil force
Deep in the bottomless pit
You're falling, falling
Remove all the fear
From the shimmering sight
You will see everything clear
It's dawning, dawning
Feeling the blow
Against your crumbling bones
The screaming pain will not go
It's pounding, pounding

Start the attack
Let the pressure loose
Your turn will never come back
You're boiling, boiling
Use all the might
In your powerful fist
You're in control of the fight
They're screaming, screaming
Blood on your hands
Feel the adrenalin rush
No on can stop all your plans
They're calling, calling
Josef und Narumol trauern um Familienmitglied
Vor 19 Stunden
Josef und Narumol trauern um Familienmitglied
Stormzy entdeckt Musiker im Supermarkt
Vor 16 Minuten
Stormzy entdeckt Musiker im Supermarkt

Album Solitary Confinement (1992)

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Leatherstrip - Adrenaline Rush
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