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Monkey See, Monkey Do Songtext
von Laze

I created something funky fresh and funky new
Brothers started playing monkey see and monkey do
Honky dory check the funky story
As I punch a brother in face and watch him fall to the floor
See the blood dripping from his nose 'cause he imitated
Now he got me irritated 'cause his style is overrated
Not to mention overdone yet he's making mad funds
From the people at the record company with the lack of eardrums
Some are fair to the public
But many employ trendy rappers with a gimmick to get with it
Until next year when whole trend changes
Group is fucked and stuck with an image to rearrange
It's derranged: us kids with originality
Can't get a record deal because of technicalities
Instead do the same old same old Marky Mark and
His funky crew, monkey see: monkey do

It's sick
Flick a booger on the face, fuck it I'm coming with lyrical mace
In the place 'cause Miami bass bullshit bumps trunks
But does nothing for the mind, I'm here to expand, damn
Pass the flan, Duckman, shit's about to hit the fan
Boom, what an odoriferous aroma
Rappers talking shit from New York to Tacoma
Mackframa what? Your mama, laminate the fakes and break
Beats on the floor when they shatter on the wack rappers
Crappers. Rappers talking trash like a disposer
I dis the posers: for sure I'm flowing so...
Stumbling and mumbling words
Nouns, predicates, adjectives, verbs
All is in the structure of the vocabulary
It's scary but not Scary-us, hairy bust
Hairy arms, catch the funky pit
Monkey see, monkey do, monkey shit

Copy cat rhymers are like copy cat killers
Never the real thing, 'cause they could never fill the
Shoes that I left even though my feet are small
The funk that I leave behind makes me seem tall
With every line that I drop I pop an emcee's bubble
He's in serious trouble when Shaggy says "On the double, Scooby"
I'm not a car you can't lube me, even though i'm groovy
I'm not the Brady Bunch so like the Doobies get a clue, G
Otis Redding sat on the dock of the bay
But Dwayne was the first man to say "Hay hay hay"
What's that got to do with anything, nothing much
But emcees that be chilling getting hot to the touch
It never impressed me to see a talented brother
Sell out and go hardcore talking this that and the other
With the fucked up outfits looking like Punky Brewster
Monkey see her, monkey do her, monkey screwed her
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Laze - Monkey See, Monkey Do
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