Easy (a Cappella) Lyrics


Ice MC - Easy (a Cappella) Songtext

On my mama I ain't worried 'bout a bitch
On my mama don't plot because I am not a fucking lick
On my mama I fucked her and her friend with this dick
On my mama I'm good, we eating, I ain't worried bout shit
On my mama

I woke up rubbing yo bitch on her fat ass

I said bitch go make some money with yo rat ass
She rolled her eyes, left and came right back
Made it rain on me I said "damn straight likethat?"
All my bitches got boyfriends thats how I love it
Cuz then they ain't gone try and cuff me right after I fuck them
All they want from me is dick, they don't ask for nothing
I might buy them a peice of gum an a bag of Funyuns
But that's about it they don't get shit, boy you can have yo woman
Drop her off, you eat her in the morning like a egg mcmuffin
Boy I seen you kissing on that bitch holding her hand in public
I texted her phone like "lol" girl yo man a dummy
Bitch I dont give two fucks
I been balling I dont hoop much
I'm so cold I got goosebumps new Buffs white like Klu Klux
You niggas sweeter than fruit punch I'm leaving after these two nuts
This bitch want me to eat her? I'll never eat it like school lunch

All these boosting ass niggas
Fake ass wanna be shooter ass niggas
Man! all these choosing ass bitches
Bad ass wanna be bougie ass bitches
On my mama I'll leave it on my mama I'll spray it
On my mama I'm just trying to get the neck watch how I play it
On my mama I know she fuck with my bro I know she choosing
On my mama we eating on my mama yo I'm boosting

Whats good Jeff bro Rest In Peace
I'm on tips step to me you and Jeff gone meet
Yea bitch you cute but you is just another rat to me
Fuck a bitch an make her say "UN" like Master P
My ex ho texted me like "damn you just dont mess with me
I see you getting money I guess you think you too fresh for me"
Bitch you must've heard I was ballin that's why you back on Meeks?
Bitch I just call how I see it, I'm a referee
Shut yo poor ass mouth before I fuck yo lips
All these hoes trying to cuff me, bitch cuff this dick
I fucked her friend now she mad on some other shit
Posting pictures of herself crying, old ugly bitch
She get fed good if her head good then we at the Coney
If yo bitch wanna smack the homies we in her walls like I crashed the stony
Bitches say I be acting phony because I got a lot of cheese like macaroni
It's "M" block get popped twin Glocks, Zack and Cody

R.I.P. Jeff that's what my motherfucking shirt say
For the cake I'll blow you like some candles on my birthday
Never trust a bitch that let you fuck her on the first date
Better tell that ho to beat it like drums on a church day
Pussy like the ocean, I'm finna dive in it
When I'm swimming she say she can't feel her legs she a mermaid
She just got her house it ain't no furniture in her place
So I'ma have to crack her on the ground like a earthquake
She wanna fuck me and bro we playing roles like we don't know
Told that freak bitch to give me face, she stuck out her mouth like Stevie J
I see more cake than a Easy Bake, got more dimes then a piggy bank
I get in her jeans like DNA, she singing like a Madea play OK?
My bitch call me a chooser, and she right
You think you seeing me you must be blind like the three mice
I turn yo bitch on at night like a street light
When we fucking she be running like that nigga off of 3 Strikes

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