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Follow your dreams Songtext

I'm a looser in every game, but I know it.
In my case its always the same, and I'm habitual.
Everything I do, just sucks.
But my dreams I always pursue, and I say HEY!

I can hear they are talking about me, fuck off,
I say, cause I don't need, a friend like you,
Beeing nice infront, but when I turn,
Your just a nought, so fuck you!

Follow your dreams,
And feel the satisfaction.
Never reach the sun,
We're all dying in action.

I'm reaching up the stars,
I'm gonna fly to planet Mars.
I don't care, what you will do,
Cause I am me, and you are you.

I'm down on my knees, again. And I am praying
To a god that I can't find. But everything is allright.
That's what they say, they're gonna cheat me every
Night and every day, but I'm still me.

I'm standing alone, again. But I don't care.
It's everyday the same, and I don't see,
My life's so damn. How could it be?
There's nothing I can, just say HEY!

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Fluchtpunkt - Follow your dreams
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