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Send It to Me Lyrics


Dusty Springfield - Send It to Me Songtext

Somebody got a magic touch
Somebody just can't get enough
Your pictures hanging in my car
I love you for just who you are

And don't you know I want you, baby
Baby, heh -
Get your motor running
Can't you hear me coming?
Send it to me
Put it in a letter
If that'll make it better
Send it to me
Stick it in a bottle
It's always getting hotter
Send it to me
Ain't nothing gonna stop it
Shoot it like a rocket
Send it to me

I sit behind a desk all day
And dream of you to get away
I got no money in the bank
I don't need much, got you to thank

And don't you know I want you, baby
Baby, heh -

Deep in the night, I turn around
And wish you were here with me
I grab the sheets and make up a fantasy
Can't you see
That you're the one I love?
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