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She knows love Songtext

The sheriff's girl is on the street again
Walking coldly through the rain and wind
Her children's eyes are in her heart
And how she hopes their lives won't know this pain

From Liverpool she came in search of love
A promise broken, never meant to last
Lost and abandoned with a mother's dreams
Her every day, she prays will be her past

Love never grows in vain
The sweetest flowers flourish in the rain
An open heart will always feel the pain
She knows love, yes she knows love

In the quiet streets, an uneasy dark
Like hunted prey awaits the hunter's lamp
She prays for safety in this tumbling world
Where a kindness whispered is the hope she heard

In the bitter torture of their broken world
Two lives collide in such a humble girl
A moment's softness, now a tabloid rage
Where a judging world consumes it's every page
And she knows and he knows
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Lena Meyer-Landrut: Kein Bock mehr auf Social Media
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Pietro Lombardi äußert sich zur Trennung

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Donnie Munro - She knows love
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