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Busted - Crash and Burn Songtext

Strophe 1
You're so fit and you know it,
And I only dream of you.
'Cos my life's such a bitch.
But you can change it...

Bridge 1
Maybe you need somebody just like me.
Don't turn me down 'cos I've got no car
And I've got no money....

I asked you to dance at the disco
But you said NO!
The whole world was watching and laughing
On the day I crashed and burned at your feet...

Strophe 2
Since the day you dissed me,
I'm feeling so pathetic.
'Cos the guys...well they've ditched me.
And it's all because of...

Bridge 2
You and your friends are laughing at me now.
You think that I'm nothing..
Ask your sister what you're missing!


Bridge 3
Maybe you think that you're too good for me.
Tonight when you get home you're gonna see that.
I know,I've got something better than you baby!

Refraion (2x)
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