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Busted - Falling for You Songtext

"Falling for you"

Semester's coming soon,
So I would like to mention
I woke up in my room
Alone, you're always welcome

Next week my mom's away,
So now my future's brightened
I'd ask to have you stay
If I wasn't so frightened...

I-I, I'm really falling for you
I-I, hate what you're putting me through
What have you done to me now?
I just can't sleep at night
My bed is wet, don't know how
Will someone please turn out the light?

You showed up at my door,
Just like in a teen movie
I said,"are you the whore
I paid to come & fuck me?"

I guess she found it funny
When I said "hello honey"
The piercing in her belly
It turned my legs to jelly...


Taking over my life
But I don't seem to mind
Ans there's no stopping you
Taking me on a ride...

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