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I never wanted you to be my man
I just needed company
Don't want to get dependent on
Your time or who you spend it on

Or lose it way you love me
Like smoke I hung around
And be your balance

It's not a movie
this is not script to proof read
I spit some untruths to dumb fools and groupies
tryna punctuate pronunciate the funds I make amounts I take
put in your face oh, my mistake you're not a floosy?
Then excuse me before I talk my style
[Intro: duced me get your name and phone number like 1-2-3]
y'all know the story y'all know the commentary
I kick the narrative this is legendary
the good Samaritan good thespian like a polygamist
with a twist will I marry again? maybe I guess
I hold a lady interest I just met the love scholar
she the teacher's pet
every other eve we'd meet and make each other sweat
I feel triumph with no strings just a fling to have fun with
I be out in London, Camden
huntin' for the answers why did God take away the homie
I can't stand it
I'm a firm believer that we all meet up in eternity
Just hope the big man show me some courtesy
Why? cuz I'm deemed a heartbreaker
like smoke girls linger round a player

I never wanted you to be my man
I just needed company
Don't want to get dependent on
Your time or who you spend it on
I lose it when you look at me
Like smoke, I hang around in the unbalance
Woah, ohhhh!

Yo, this recession is a test, It's affecting my complexion,
miss-directing my affection
my concerns are bill collections
the facts is the taxes they're after me chapter 3,
my property my handlers they dealt with me improperly
I say some things I should probably keep privately
Evaluate the World Bank trust like I'm IEG,
This fly sweet bourgeoisie,
Tall freak she wouldn't protest with me at Wall Street
She's says no you so deep
I said no lets go thru it
Historically so
Ruthless feds came for Joe Lewis
She said my man u needs to laugh sometime
Classifies me as a bore, I told her have some wine
You colder than penguin pussy At her her dismay
She's thinkin' that's just so silly to say
But if you really think about it, hussy
See a penguin he drags his ass on the ground all day
and it's a drag
and it's a bust and you're in tune with just lust
I'm thru with you after I crush
So is that humorous enough
the smoke I puff
tell a car to go to Aura Funky Buddah Whisky Mist on Mayfair.
I hope I meet some Monie loves so she can show me love
NYC to UK I might stay there,
everybody in the club tonight say yeah
you know how me and Amy are straight players
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