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3rd Storee - If Ever Songtext

Theres someone in love with you, you know
Just dont want to let their feelings show
Because they're not sure that you, could ever feel the same
But now he would like to take hte chance
And hope that you both would find romance
In case you are willing
Theres something I'd like you to know

Girl if ever you call me
I'm there for you girl right or wrong
I'm telling you now girl
If ever you need me
I promise you I give you my all

Someone who will love and sacrafice
Who knows what it means to treat you right
Someone who wont change his mind
But always feel the same
He wants you to open up your heart
And hopes that true love might one day start
Girl if you are willing
Theres something I'd like you to know baby baby

(Repeat Chorus)

Darling here's my heart (repeat)
Please take care my darling dear
Cause I,
I do,
Love you,
Its true
And I hope that you are willing girl
To love me in return
And if you are I want you to know

(Repeat Chorus till end)
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