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3 Feet Smaller - My Inspiration Songtext

What a boring day, what else can I say . Or what else can I do
Your not here with me, and I don't wanna be alone or without you

It happend on May 31, where I found out that life goes on . I hope you know it's true,
I wanna spend my life with you . But now i' mwondering, if you feel the same .
All the things I fear, are away when your here and hold me tight . You are all I have, and you are my princess
And my inspiration .

Everyday I love you more, I never felt this way before .
I know i'm not always easy, I know it's hard to deal with me . But your still here to stay .
Your so cute and so smart, when I see you I fall apart.
Your always in my heart

I hope you know it ain't no lie, don't wanna hear you say good bye
Everyday and everynight, I want you here by my side.
And you know it's true, that i'm in love with you
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