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3 Feet Smaller - Reason Unknown Songtext

Prickle inside/you've got the panty on backwards
Stick my prick down your throat until it hurts
Put that in your pipe and smoke it/choke bitch you'll never cheat on me again/it's eldritch
How I get crazy/Do you still love me?
Have you thought of me when you fucked with him/Now way/a face marked by sorrow/I hate this asshole. Why should I forgive you/this situation is your fault

I should have known I should have known
And I thought that you where grown, but I was wrong/my fault/I was blind too long
Reason unknown reason unknown
Your statement's a condradiction botheration, straightforwardness is gone

You little bitch/you are mentally retarded/you fuck araund with other guys and afterwards you regret it/I'm trying to figure out where I turned wrong in this race/ maybe you can tell me where I punch you in the face/every word that you say seems dishonest to me/I just want clarity/don't try to blame it on me/I get so frustrated/I'm crying/I hate it/I'm still in love with you but I can't forgive this


I go stark raving mad, please go before it escalates/you'll live to rue it/now you cry/and now it escalates
Stark raving mad, stark raving mad, stark raving mad...

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