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We Are the Kids Songtext
von ZSK

As long as we can rock together I guess we can rock some more
Against the prejudices within this hall. Tonight we won't change the world
But we could make a start in the way that we behave. Right now!

We are the kids, we make the difference.
And it starts right here at the Punkrock-Show.
Wer are the kids, we make the difference.
More than music what this is all about
Your life can be completely off the beaten track
And it is definitely too short to waste the little time you have.
Do you see them standing in the line and waiting?
Not for you,not for me

The rules are simple: do whatever you want. Take back your life.
That's right - I am pretty sure we can
Do better than the ones we hate, let's go - right now

Let us show, that we can make it on our own. No control
I know it sounds a little bit oldschool, talking about the time
When unity was new. Today it seems to me we lost hope in this ideal.
Come on now. Let's go. Tolerance and acceptance at the show
I still belive, that in this scene, there is alot you won't see on MTV.
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ZSK - We Are the Kids
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