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Problem melden

Sad World Songtext

A man walked down the street
He thought of nothing but his feet
And so he didn't realize
That a child lovely and nice
Was eating ice-cream for a dollar
Pulling a dog on his collar
Who was shitting on a car which broke down.

And then a grandma came along
To takea look at what was wrong
But she overlooked the petrol truck
Her last word it was: Fuck!
Then bones were flying through the air
And brain was splashing everywhere
The trucker thinking by himself
This was number 112

Well thats our life
And it passes you by
Watching you with it's deadly eye

The trucker murdered on an on
Killed all people came who along
Full of uncontrolled agression
Running over was his passion
Then 10000 people died
While they were eating chinese rice
The story was to much sincere
But nevermind: let's have a beer!
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Zirwas - Sad World
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