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Problem melden

Dreamer Songtext

I'm sitting empty and shatterd on my bed
A heavy storm rages in my head
I dream a daydream that makes me very sad
And I just don't know if I'm alive or dead

There is only one thing I want to know:
What will happen when I'm gone?
Will I see Jesus and all his saints?
Will I see God? is there a chance?

I don't think that there is a paradise
I don't thin kthat there is a hell
I think that we all are taht we are made to
So noone could be punished for his sins

I think I'm swimming in a lake without a bank
The water is very rank
I'm dreaming of flowers and of land
It's like I'm standing in quick-sand

And if I'd dream in that lake would
Would my life be at stake?
I know I'll never be really gone
But how will I live on?
Lena Meyer-Landrut: Ihr eigenes Label
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Lena Meyer-Landrut: Ihr eigenes Label
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Mats Hummels: Skurriler Eigentor-Rekord
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