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Right Hand Songtext

Hey, am I saying all these word for noone but me?
Say, do you really care about about this shit I tell?
You, Why did you leave me back in my own hell?
With my fear and sadness and the pain I feel
Now, I don't want to live anymore in this fucking world

Still. I feel you here
I touch your face and I scream

I am nothing without you and you know
I'll be ever there for you but you're gone
And I still care for you but you run away from me to be alone
Have I ever wounded you? Or have I ever disappointed you?
Or is there any other man you love in your life?

And I'm stuck and I cry and I fly and I die!

I, I tol dme not to fall in love with you
Cause, I feared it could be like so often before
When I adored a girl and I did all for her
But, I was just one of her experiences!

But now I don't need you anymore
Because: I got my right hand!!!
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Lena Meyer-Landrut: Ihr eigenes Label
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Zirwas - Right Hand
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