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Yah Wud Duay Sai Tha (Don't Measure With Your Eyes) Songtext
von Zaza

Yah yah ma wud jahk sing tee ter hen
Don't measure things up by what you see

Yah yah ma wud duay tha
Don't measure with your eyes

Ahd ja doo muen wah mai mee pbunha
I might look like I have no problems

Chai wah ja mai sia jai
Does that mean that I'm not hurt

Ting kwang chun reuay ma
You've always left me behind

Mee ter muen mai mee
You being with me is the same as you not

Kid doo hai dee dee, chun mai pben rai reu
Really think hard about about it, am I really OK

Ter ja hai rong hai doo leree chai mai
You'd like to see me cry wouldn't you

Ter ja dai kao jai
That way you would understand

Ter thee kwam mai wah krai jeb kae nai
You determine how much pain a person is going through

Dai jahk kae pieng num tha
Only by the tears that she cries

*Sia dai chun mai keree, mai keree chai numtha
I've never regretted, I've never shed a tear

Riek kwam wetana, puer ha ikrai ma son
I've never expressed my pain for anyone to pity

** Tum dai pieng kae nee kae mong tha
All I can do is look into your eyes

Laew gor pood throng throng
And tell you truthfully

Kong mai deung mai rung arai gun
I won't try to hold you back or keep you with me

Ting ta ting gun long
I'll leave if you are able to leave

Hak mai pbai tum thua hai dee
If you are going to stay, be nice

Hak mai mee gae jai gor pbai
If you no longer have feelings, leave

Mai mee kum on won hai krai mai mee numtha
I won't beg anyone, I won't sob a tear
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Zaza - Yah Wud Duay Sai Tha (Don't Measure With Your Eyes)
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