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Black and Silver Lyrics


Xandria - Black and Silver Songtext

I am amused, you seem to love me
But be reserved before you huff me

I'm used to winners, I nedd the fame
And if you touched me you'd be my shame

Your childish dreams are all in vain
To me your kind is all the same

A starlit skyof black and silver is my core
My last goodbye makes you want me even more
For silver is my fame, black is my name

I am a queen and if you creep
I'll push my blade, still-water-deep

I am a dream, a fairy-tale
Your endless quest, your holy grail

thanks so much for your confusion
i will be your lost illusion

Deep inside the silver shines as black as can be
My disguise, the wolf among the sheep, you want me
To me your kind is all the same
To me your kind is all the same
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