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Problem melden

Where Dey At? Songtext

What's happ'n? (What's happ'n?)
One time let's get it bucked ya heard me

Where dem hoes at?
Where dem hoes at?
Where dem niggaz in the Benz with the Mo's at?

Verse 1:
We in the club,
I'm buckin ya betta believe I'm fulla that bud
It's (?) thug
And I'm never showin no luv
You can't fade it, down for life with that double beat
With geezy cheezy Crystal and Don P
Very important people in the section where we be
You can't stop me
Black upon the Grim Ree
I need to get on the drank
Mix with dank
That's on fire
Killin them hoes with the camolflauge entire
Fo' real riders
Down south all-night flighters
My nigga UP
Double track that over excite ya
Non-stop, cuz it's that Big Body party
Blowin hella sets, and we got this shit started
I got plans for bank rolls to turn stacks
I'm lookin for the mutha fuckin hoes, where dey at?


Verse 2:
I was feelin fucked up off the herb'n in back
Now I'm in my 500 Benz wonder'n where dem hoes is at
So I just hit the parkin lot
Of a tight spot
If it (?) parkin lot you know the shit it just don't stop
These hoes is comin from all around and stay flexin
Wit their tight leather outfits and lookin sexin
They got extensions in their hair wit the gold mouth
And everytime that bitch speak you can hear the south
No disrespect to all others but we keepin game
And if your bitch I think was smart enough you heard the same
Instead of ballin no ya wanna do wit chea check
But like Nicole Brown Simpson you lose your neck
Enough wit that because a joker is about fun
Our record company is taken over number 1
Big Body got this bitch sore from the front to the back niggaz
Ugh, now where dem hoes at?


Verse 3:
(?) Mary Jane gotta play ya (?)
So take a look and tell me what you see in my surroundence
Thugs and made niggaz at the back tables bouncin
Clogged-out and thugged-out smokin off a mountain
All night cheafin like we some full-blooded Indians
Trippin off these hoes jockin tryin to get their inches in
Steppin toward the table like they know me and my team ballin
They see a (?) in their hair, everynight is shock callin
(?) and champaigne bubblin jacuzi style
Big body Benz's with tv's and 20's (?)


Verse 4:
You prancin
You dancin
My they go be glancin
Why you shakin up all that ass on the flo' lets take a chancin
I'm buckin, I'm sweatin, club got my motivated
Vibe your head cuz it's got no time to be playa hatin
Now let that ass BOUNCE and put it on the flo'
We gon' keep the club buckin 'till they close the do'
Won't be no (?) won't be no gay party
Cuz we gon' set it off like when the (?) when we get it started
Like watchin that body workin betta get that number right
Betta get da mind blown wit da herb and gin and take her home tonight
Stop and take a breath
It's time to whipe that sweat
This ain't the half of the crums you ain't ready yet

Where dem hoes at?

[after the 5th repeat]
Representin nigga
And the year 2G is almost here
So just have all the fun you can, nigga
Once it's gone then no more
So keepin it (?)
Enjoy life nigga
Enjoy your life
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Wet Boys - Where Dey At?
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