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Puttin' Out Fire Songtext


Hoes off
Hoes on, street flooded
Hoes off
We done, left ya hood leaded
Hoes off
Hoes on, street flooded
Hoes off
{1st time thru} We one, left ya hood leaded
{2nd time thru} But we done, left ya hood leaded

Verse 1:
As I creeps off
To cool these Hot Boys off
I reach new levels
I be goin against the devils
I knew it was four
They recruited some mo'
I run up my squad
Fireproof head-to-toe
I went lookin for these boys, I hit every block
Checked every rehab, hit every dope spot
I came up wit nuthin
Then I heard somethin
On the radio, I go to V.L. cuz they be stuntin
Block hardy Hot Boys
No you're not boys
Wet Boys on their way with their supersoaker toys
Got a pack on my back holdin 75 gallons
32 round glock loaded with the black (?)
First HB I saw, Baby suckin gold teeth
Supersoaked em good, from his head to his feet
Next up was Juvey, I gave him the look
Wrote the final chapter, then I closed the book
Ran up on Turk
Supersoaker puttin in work
Jacked him out his 42 dollar rent, cooled off his Hot Boy shirt
Next two, BG and Wayne, since they wanna be the baddest
Shot em up wit bad dope, to me that's the saddest


Verse 2:
Well it's T-Beezy
Off the heezy
Bout that drama fo' sheezy
Supersoaker in my trunk, how many Hot Boys wanna see me
Chromed out five trucks with chrome K's to match
Bulletproof-fire suits, I'm totin gallons on my back
Ready to spray
I'm rainin on your sunny day
I get carried away
Like Dirty Hairy "Make my day!"
Betta yet, fuck dat, Wet Boys got me on a flight
Since you don' made my day, what bitch gon' make my night
Wanna go for a ride
While the water's low tide
It's nowhere to hide
I hit ya wit a (?)
Who be the coldest nigga makin these tracks
The same nigga made niggas quit and start smokin crack
I should be slammin
Niggas out there be jammin
All tracks real dope, ain't no mutha fuckin whammin

Verse 3:
Fire tracks and fire trucks
Nigga duck
Still get plucked
Hit you wit a supersoaker I'ma paralize ya to fuck
250 pounds of pressure
? gone dress ya
Now you one nigga less-a
For bein a Wet Boy testa
If I come thru with a fire truck nigga hate to hear the siren
Water for us, ya gettin ?, so I'm holdin my hydrent


Verse 4:
So you say you wanna get him, erase my face and
Put a price on my head, betta get a new plan
Cuz all that price on my head, ya plan gon' fail
I flip the script
Take my own hit, now your shit gonna sale
No say "I can't get got"
Cuz souljas get got alot
But if they hit, you say miss
I be the new mailman on your block
Ain't no mail in my bag
Look it's 'caine and soulja rags
Your first on my ojenda, gotta return the (?)
I stand in your driveway, supersoakers on
Pressure wash your property till my waters all gone
I ain't no joke wit mine, I don't choke my nigga
I got a scope on mine, you get smoked my nigga
The rap game I been runnin
Just for funn 'n
Look my uzi weighs a ton 'n
'45 Tommy gunnin
Ya get done 'n
You and your son'n
That's what ya call me nigga
Fire trucks comin thru, betta get the army nigga
Ya bawlin nigga, I stand tall wit my ground
Not just represent Up, but also Downtown
Here's what I wanna do, here's how I'm gonna do it
Wet Boys gotta plot, peep game and listen to it

Chorus: 4x

{sirens until end of song}
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Wet Boys - Puttin' Out Fire
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