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End Of Tha World Songtext

Chorus: 1x
It's the end of tha world foo, some times is gettin hard
Ridin in that black, earth falls to the graveyard
We livin in hell and not knowin
Still flowin
The crime rate still growin
It's the end of tha world foo, so times is gettin hard
Ridin in that black, earth falls to the graveyard
We livin in hell and not knowin
Still flowin
The crime rate still growin

Verse 1:
The world is a ghetto trapped in our minds
But they can't stop crime
Ya got ya life on the borderline
When is your time?
You never know when you gon' go
Get it right when you can before you knockin on every do'
They got crooked cops workin for the system
Makin the less fortunate ones out of victims
But it's a shame they drop drugs and slugs
It's a whiteman's world and never sho' no luv
The president movin ki's
Back and forth from overseas
Distroyin this nation, bringin blacks to there knees
It's hard time (?) killin their own kids
New borns in trash cans, stuck with nowhere to live
Back in the day smoke a lil herb was all cool
Now they got dope fiends dreamin of blood pools
(?) could fight, shit, off and go their way
But these days
They fight with choppers and AK's
From sun up from sun down I'm here to stay
We all must pray
And thank the Lord for another day


Verse 2:
I'm beginnin to think this world is at it's full peak
But believe I ain't considerate with my own conception
I seek the light but still got wrong directions
Of some of my childhood peers that be diseaced
I'd love to see chances of livin long havin (?)
No peace
I wanna consult my psychic and peep through that crystal
At my future (?) my life contains of drugs and pistols
I wanna survive 8 years parole or will the system fade me
Cuz though shit seems to come out right it's like I'm constipated
Live ain't nothin but bitch shit but a fuckin wrist of ever
I gots to get my shit together
And do whatever
It takes to make and clock a million in this ghetto
My fear is won't invest in no
Petty-hard death row
I'm takin a major step at crime
Even though da mind throw thangs behind
(?) kaotic minds
Pullin them cats of writin rhymes
Religious and reliable too many hypocrits
Put my truck to no man, ever since is way ole Texas shit
Could nigga be trippin actin like they Jesus
But then they wants to know reasons
Of these unfamiliar (?) diseases
Mislead you, never
I'm here to proceed you with a ghetto prophet
So by killin me still fulfill your empty pockets
Could money bring you pain as well as money could bring you power
They'll probably arrange some other religion that you may never gon' follow
I'm talkin (?) for my niggas taken on by the trials
Hopin to reach you and put out that everlastin fire
Cuz in this world all I'm seein here is crimes and crooks
So turn your mutha fuckin head this way and take a look


Verse 3:
I heard a blast and jumped in my bed
With the quickness reach for the front door
Turn the nob looked out and said "What is it?"
It's the end of the world and every soul has expired
These streets are ripped apart and these buildings catchin on fire
So I dropped to my knees to begged the Lord fo forgiveness
With one tear rollin down my face cuz my soul ain't forgiven this
When the ground cracked open and the devil came up
He said "Nigga, pack your shit because you're comin wit us!"
Now I got realize that I'll be livin in hell
Eternal rest in peace in fire ain't no way to beg bail
But we got to except about the way that we livin
And make decisions bout killin and feelin bout how I'll be feelin
Is you hear what I'm hearin, is you sayin what I'm speakin
These (?) bad, they be in the streets tweekin
So leave them bustas alone and get your mind right bitch
Cuz it's the end of the world and we gotta think quick

Chorus: 1x

Verse 4:
We got drug contimination
AIDs infestation
Blacks to 'nother blacks in a slave-free nation
Ya betta get it right, ya betta pray for your soul
So that fire and flame won't be in ya crossroad
Open your eyes, and let this light shine through
This world is comin to an end so what the fuck you gon' do
Wit the murderers, killas, and 20-second car jackers
Terrorists, dealers, and master computer hackers
Back in the days you could trust your church pastor (amen)
But not unless you wanna murder that bastard
Hope your healthy, wit no disease you're pure
Cuz the doctors can't help they claim they got no cure
Scared to look at the news, another plague bein spread
Or finding out my mother was found tradgically dead
This whole world's gonna burn but I'm prepared to fry
Like an electric chair victim gettin prepared to die
Look out fo thugs wit a glock
It's straight up shop or get chopped
Dope fiends non-stop
I smoked the whole damn block
We livin in the murder capitol way down south
Where if you start to get proved you get a gauge in your mouth
Ya betta repeat you know the deal
Car bombs and all steel
This world's comin to an end
That's how it is that's on the real

Chorus:1x (fades to end)
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Wet Boys - End Of Tha World
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