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Ugly Kid Joe - Neighbor Songtext

Sittn'in you front yard, drinkin'lemonade
Suburban life, pretty wife
You think you've got it made
But you don't know what's in store
For you and your family
I'm movin' in right next door, won't you welcome me?

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood
And I hope I didn't ruin your day
Won't you be my neighbor

I brought my life, my ugly wife
My dirty dog with fleas
My kid's a punk, and I'm a druunk
This I'm sure you'll see
Yeah you don't know, what it's like, to live in misery
Welcome to, home sweet hell
Dissatisfaction guaranteed

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

C'mon I don't think you'll find
A place to live in peacee of mind
You're gonna live in misery
When you're livin'next to me

Its'a beautiful day...

Well I drinkand Istink, Ismoke, yeah I'm a joke
I try all night and day to get a piece of
The action,a-haa
And you shouldknow by now you're never gonna forget

Now I know just what you're thinkin
Ít could be you out'n you're drinkin'
So don't you knock it until you try it
It could be you in little while
I hope I didn't ruin your day

Its's a beautiful...
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