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Ugly Kid Joe - Milkman's Son Songtext

Milkman's Son
Ugly Kid Joe
Menace To Sobriety

Verse 1
Let the burning bridges tumble down
Let the water come and flood ground
Burn a hole into this auburn sky
I only wanna be walking by yuor side
When I see tomorrow I see you there
When I look around I'll see you everywhere
Your face is etched into my mind
When it's all said and done
Well I'm feeling like the milkman's son
Verse 2
Let your dark spirits fly away
Come again but you won't come today
Spend the last of my worthless life
I only wanna be walking by your side
Chorus (X2)
Ending Bit
I'm feeling like the milkman's son
Said I'm feeling like the milkman
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