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Problem melden

Busy Bee Songtext

Everybody's Alright With Me
Possibly You'll Disagree
Busy Bee Watch The World Go By

Everybody's Alright With Me
That's Just The Way I Choose To Be
Everybody's On My Mind
Can't Sit Aside And Watch This World Go By
That Ain't Me

Chorus X2
Busy Bee Watch The World Go By

Everybody Does Their Time
The People Walk In Crooked Lines
Everybody's Got Their Choice
But Often We Don't Use Our Voice

Chorus X4

Busy Bee Watch The World Go By
How Could You Be So Blind?
Some People They Just Ain't Satisfied
Watch The World Go By

I Always Hear The School Bell Ring
Let The Children Dance And Sing
Just Let Us Find What's Been Lost
So Many People Get Torn And Tossed Away

Chorus X3

World Go Bye X3
Watch The World Go Bye X3

Nice Ending Bit
Everybody's Alright With Me
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Ugly Kid Joe - Busy Bee
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