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March in place, so what's the purpose?
Living labels, living lies
Walking billboards, no one's rebels true disservice, true decline social circles, separate failures common threads are giving way falling into vicious cycles.
Worthless patterns we were meant to break, instead, we sap the soul out of the sound a chorus of boredom remains EMPTY! Comforts callous built this cage numbed by the blueprints decay
In this dead religion, are we our own thought police?
Building our own guillotines, causalities of civil wars we have waged in this womb have we had to much room to breath. Delusions so myopic proudly sewn onto our sleeves until we save our purpose from the jaws of history we'll never rediscover why we sing, why we dance, and why we scream.
To revive our lives, organize, salvage power from the ties that bind our shallow existence to struggles we've left behind to reemerge redefined.
Fuck the Structure, glasshouse shatters molds remain standards we've lived to defeat, creeping in becoming repeating refrains in this womb, until we decide, we're all fighting on the same side.
Hardy Krüger jr.: Offene Worte über den Tod seines Sohnes
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Hardy Krüger jr.: Offene Worte über den Tod seines Sohnes
Olivia Jones: Schwere Vorwürfe wegen Daniel Küblböck
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Olivia Jones: Schwere Vorwürfe wegen Daniel Küblböck

Album Ringing In the Dawn (2002)

Trial By Fire
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Trial By Fire - Friendly Fire
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