Scream Lyrics


Timbaland - Scream Songtext

I got a plan for you and I
There’s journey across the Virginia skies.
Can I have some of your cookies, can I have some of your pie
May I cut the first slice, so won't you


Scream, at the top of your lungs, everybody’s feeling right (x4)

Intoxicated with desire,
And you’re the dancer, maybe driver, yeah
I’m not afraid, ‘cause I’m a rider, yeah
Ain’t nothing wrong, feeling right, so won’t you

Chorus... (x4)

I love it babe, got me here doing things I'd never do
Can hold me downs, why I’m here making sure, things are up for you (get it)
Like again and roll, for the lights go off, you turn on
I love this place, cause I can give it yeah, go and make, make me ahh

Chorus... (x4)

In the car, at the party
Got his hands, hold me buddie
Don’t fight it, Ooh
If you like it, Ooh

In your room, on the lift
Feels good, don’t stop
Don’t fight it, Ooh (Don’t you fight it)
If you like it, Ooh (Why don’t you)

Chorus... (x4)

If you love me girl
Why don’t you
If it feels good why don’t you (sing it)
Uh, if you love me girl, why don’t you just
Cuz when it feels good it (don’t fight it)
If you like it

Don’t fight it, ooh
If you like it, ooh

Don’t you like that
Cause it’s so good, uh
Grab my hand baby
Take a walk on the beach

Hold your string here
Don’t you like that beat
You do?
What else you like?

I cannot come with ape that
Oh you like my scribe?
You like how I changed that?
I like it too baby
But for now,

Hey the beat is going a little bit too long

Oh you like it this long? Hmm
What made you like it?
Make love at home
You know that

I like how you shaking your hips to it
It’s about your hand baby, don’t you stop
Keep it going
Keep it going
Keep it going
Bring it over here
Sit on my lap
Kiss me
No no no, right here
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