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Sólo un motivo (english translation) Lyrics


Saratoga - Sólo un motivo (english translation) Songtext


There is no mystery
It isn't an obsession
When all goes darker
I miss your light
Every problem
Has a solution
Though the wall every time
Raises a bit more
Sometimes I decay, and I don't know why
I look for you and can't find, and don't know what to do
Yes, just one motive will be enough
To help to stand up
Yes, just one real motive is enough
To cope with my madness and my faith
Always the faith
That is so boring, where is the end?
Look at me and laugh at me
You will get fun
I've been so ingenous, didn't want to see
Words are not valuable, so it is
Straight against the wind, I'll stay
Maybe I'd find you far, you will flee
Don't look behind
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