Mi ciudad (english translation) Lyrics


Saratoga - Mi ciudad (english translation) Songtext


There is a place, near here
Where the air can not reach
Sunlight can not pass
Is dissolved into smoke
The factory has an infernal rhythm
Day and night it doesn't wanna stop
Cars invade all they see without cease
Groups of people with nothing to do
Try to get their hands hot
They look at the fire, they would like to know
What will be their future
They have been promised to have a great fate
If they bear with what's coming out
While the await is longer every day
And so what?
My city, is not for joking, it can not await
My city, remained as a centre of immensity
My city, served as refuge for those who needed
A horizon to start, a place to live
Ruined houses, visible wetness that holds on the bones
Old big lanterns don't light anyone
On the cold winter nights
In a labyrinth of endless streets
Side by side we must live
Children escaped, they wanted to play
And so what?
I raise my voice
I swear that you will not die
If I can lend you a hand
I will be there
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