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Prisoner of the desert, lonely as a tuareg
Humilliated and ill-treated, he is afraid of suffering one more time
The stars go with him in silence at sunset
Heir of a legacy hidden only in the faith
He spends his time staring at the sun
Now his blindness can not stop
His soul is cold he don't mind anything
There is no reason, no solution, courage he has not
On his face are reflected the wrinkles of liberty
The stigma of his soul is sealed with humility
Looks again to the moon on his instinct to survive
He is as cold as ice predicting that he can die
But one day all changed to him
In his sadness so distant he felt
The hand of God wanted to help him
He felt it was dream, it was unreal
Slave of his loneliness
He forgot, happiness while waking up
He forgot, the warm of the friendship
He forgot, put the time on its right place
He forgot, see that all is not evil
Craziness is his sentence, walking alone over loneliness
Cursing and dispising all that could lend him a hand
Locked up into his frontier, he dies alone on his pedestal
No lament, no sadness, even nobody will cry
And here finishes this fatal story
In some village or some city
Maybe someone suffers on that way
Locked up in his world, don't wanting to get out, it is the raw reality
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