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Roxette - How Do You Do? Songtext

I see you comb your hair
And gimme that grin
It's making me spin now
Spinnin' within.
Before I melt like snow
I say Hello - How do you do!

I love the way you undress now
Baby begin
Do your caress, honey
My heart's in a mess
I love your blue-eyed voice
Like Tiny Tim shines thru
How do you do!

Well, here we are crackin' jokes
In the corner of our mouths
And I feel like I'm laughing in a dream

If I was young
I could wait outside your school
'Cos your face is like
The cover of a magazine

How do you do
Do you do
The things that you do
No one I know
Could ever keep up with you
How do you do!
Did it ever make sense to you
To say Bye, Bye Bye

I see you in that chair
With perfect skin
Well, how have you been, baby
Livin' in sin
Hey, I gotta know
Did you say hello
How do you do?

Well, here we are spending time
In the louder part of town
And it feels like everything's surreal
When I get old

I will wait outside your house
'Cos your hands have
Got the power meant to heal

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