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Hey Honey, where the hell is my shooter now?

You can call me Honey you can steal my money
You can try again and you can pray to heaven
But I tell you Honey like the sun is sunny
Babe I won't put my shooter down

You can call me Honey...

Now the man I love is a wanted man
With a price put on his head
Every deputy wants a tag on his toe
He's better of with me

So together we can start a new
You can plow the field and I will make you stew
Com on darling settle down with me
Put your shooter down

You can call me Honey...
You can call me Honey...

Sometimes I think that the gun in your hand
Means more to you than me
But I know better you're getting old
You will need a family
And then on Sundays we can go to church
Time for you to end your search
Here's your life, take a look at me
Cause I will be your wife

You can call me Honey...
You can call me Honey...

Come to me baby
Now don't tell me maybe
When we are married
Your shooter are gonna get burried

You can call me Honey...
You can call me Honey...
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