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My Heart My Enemy Lyrics


Randy - My Heart My Enemy Songtext

Never ever has nobody like me caused empires to fall
I never hit, I never kicked, I never injured anybody in anyway at all
The only battles I fought were the ones inside my own four walls
I fired bullets of words, names that I called that only made you feel small

And every time the shit hits the fan, i'll be gone away with the band
A life with love and a love for the van don't always go hand in hand

But the beat won't go away, in my heart, my enemy
All the same if I go or if I stay

New countries, new cities, new streets but never did I see them alone
Me and the boys go 24-7 through 24 different time zones
In times like these nothing scares me more than the sound of a ringing telephone
Bad news I can tell on the voice that it's a message from an unhappy home

Sometimes i'll be happy, happy and ecstatic
But more likely i'll be drunk and dramatic
Truces were few and far between
It's been that way since we were seventeen

(unpaid bills, times that we spill, don't you know those pills can get you killed)

But the beat won't go away, in my heart my enemy
All the same if I go or if I stay
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