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Randy - Win or Lose Songtext

Win Or Lose

It Came Down Upon Us And It Spread Like The Rats, I Can't Seem To Remember Saying Ok To That We're Supposed To Stand By And Watch The Swine Grow Fat, No Way I Could've Agreed With That! We Shall Have No Other God Than The New Economy, But Don't You Believe There's Gonna Be Room For You And Me They Must Have Found A Way Of Making Money For Free, They Call It Alchemy, But I Call It Fucking Robbery Maybe The Sun Will Rise And The Grass Will Grow, I Just Thought I'd Let You Know That If This Is Only Gonna Be About Win Or Lose, Win Or Lose, Then May I Please Be Excused It'shere To Take Over You May Rest Assured, Unless You Make Yourself Heard,stand Up And Tell Them To Stop! But It Won't Be Stopped Easily, No It Won't Even Slow Down For A Little Democracy If We Still Dont Recognize Who's Being Used, May I Please Be Excused
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