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No More the Meek Songtext
von Randy

The years in school they said I was immature, that my fantasy was larger than a dinosaur. They told me to face reality, and that their knowledge held the key, Yeah, but behind the door is the loacl papermill industy. and thats nothing for me. For eleven years they tried to make me understand I said: you can nag all you want but I want change the way I am. I started to hide things inside my head, cause I felt bored and totaly fed up with all the things my teachers said. They can never change me, I will always speak my own words and think my own thought. Its important to learn but not for their cause. (Their in this case means the work employers) The optionals is worked out to be strictly professional. So the work employers (them again!!) can pick up the most essential. Therefor daydreams never end up on any schedule. Therefor I will always be the class failure. I will speak my own words, I will think my own thoughts I will dream my own dreams I will proced with all the kind of hoax until we achive what I belive to be the only way for this world to remain inhibited.
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Randy - No More the Meek
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