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The Joyride Songtext

Ooh… yeah!

Before we get started… does anybody know… before we get started… anybody know…
(It's going down…)

It's K One and Double Thes, you're necks, please protect
Yeah, to brace a fireplace, it'll only take a sec
For the damage to begin, wreaking havoc on eardrums
We cold-getting dumb, getting you crazy-styled
Late-night, hyped division, we be moving with precision
We're just spots popping off, making some decision
‘Bout hitting ‘em one at a time with these ill rhymes
Mind love at the door, free drinks, hitting the floor
The Zodiac sign time ladies adore, club tour ambassador
Who giving you more, Double K?
Double K, the unified bomber, ain't nobody calmer
When it comes to beatscaping, I'll be racing, truncating
Sucka niggas pay for beats when they claiming that they're making ‘em
But we know that they faking ‘em, yo, tell what we making it
You're funked up, I throw ‘em in the trunk
With a pump, chump, drop ‘em after they dump
And leave ‘em lumped up with my one-man gang
‘Cause me and Dub'll bring "pane" like a window
I'm blowing like a kid on a Nintendo game
Games, I got dames, but don't be showing no attention
Like we getting when we ripping out of sight, fiending description
You can't see us, we far out where we residing
Taking another step, let your style joyride, ho!

Joyriding, joyriding, joyriding, joyriding, your body
Woo! Oh yeah… haha, yeah, first?… ho!
People Under The Stairs are joyriding the track
Check it out! So watch the P! You know who! Ha!
We got…
Check it out, check it out, check it out…

Ay-yo, dome my flows, poetry to party prose
My pa's blue Mardi Gras tape took talent shows
Snotty-nosed youth, vocal booth and vermouth with the truth
O.S.T. to push ‘em through the roof
Yo, we don't need no water, let the acetate burn
‘Cause you know the P's hot, they love it when we drop
Like Stud McAlison, and we'll show you the definition
Of keeping the crowd's attention, but oh, I forgot to mention
We're here with our whole bay tracks and known facts
Still blowing wax like birthdays, and laid back
Like the first day of class, and sneaking a hall pass
When punk crews see me cruise past, they haul ass
Heater believes at 3 o' clock, leave the bar fully stocked
We coming in to do it live, calling, enjoying your rock
Two brothers like no other on the street, taking charge
On the stage, living large, you niggas know who we are
We are the P, professional, you know the ticket
In the states, we're dope, in Great Britain, we're (Wicked!)
On stage, ripping the rage, repping my rhyme page
People Under the don't play, Double, what'd you say?
Yo, I forgot ‘cause of the pot, so excuse me if you must
Raise the temperature ‘cause we gon' get atcha, soon as the rent is up
For now, we gonna chill right here where we residing
Watch your step on the way out, nigga, we joyriding! Ho!

Joyride with this… Joyride… Joyride… Joyride… Joy… Joyride with this… joy… joy, joy, joy
It's the P, y'all… Ha ha! It's the P, y'all… Big style DJs, yeah, L.A.'s in the house like that, yeah, L.A.'s in the house like that, yeah, L.A.'s in the house like that, yeah, L.A.'s in the house like that, a-like that, a-like that-da-dat…

We are the P! (Professional…) (Like that!)
With the U! (Unified…) (Oh yeah! C'mon!)
With the T! (Talented…) (Guess what?)
On the S! (Shit that's…) (Hoo! Oh yeah!)
We are the P, professional! (Rhymes…)
U, unified! (School district!)
T, talented! (hip hop…)
With the S! (And the shit that's tight, unique)
(‘Cause we the shit!)

Ha ha!
Party! Party! Party! Om Records in the house…
Om Records is definitely in effect… in 2003, fool! People Under the Stairs… The freshest thing out there! Coming direct, straight to your neighborhood! Om Records in effect! Suckas!
What's up?! Let's get outta here, man…

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People Under the Stairs - The Joyride
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